Portrait of Marysia Rybock

Photo by Alison Christiana

Marysia Rybock Principal & Chief Creative Director

Principal and Chief Creative Director, Marysia Rybock possesses a style and ease that is reflected in all her work. As a longtime admirer of the classical architecture of Europe and playfulness of contemporary furniture, she has an eye for fusing traditional with modern design. Having lived in both Seattle as well as Northern California, Marysia is also drawn to the broad array of colors and textures that are found in the beautiful environments of the West Coast.

Passionate about developing designs that capture her client’s lifestyles and enhance their well-being, she approaches each project with a creative and critical eye. Striving to always exceed her client’s expectations, she works closely with architects and contractors, ensuring each project is executed down to the last detail.

When she’s not at the office, Marysia enjoys walking her two dogs, kayaking or skiing in Lake Tahoe and learning and practicing a mindful life.

I have worked with BSD for some years now and they never disappoint. Starting with Barbara Scavullo, the founder, and then with Marysia Rybock, they have been wonderful to work with. […] Their customer service is first rate and they are open and honest about budgets, making every effort to find the best path through design challenges.