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Great experience on a very unique and challenging healthy home project. Good eye for design and an ability to listen to the client needs and translate that into a lovely material selection. Great at researching alternatives and getting into the nitty-gritty of healthy material specification. Very nice and easy going, professional and responsive.

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Healthy Home

What does it mean to have a “healthy” home? Leaders in our field define it as:

“Improving the way people live by developing spaces that enhance the occupants’ health and quality of life.”

To us, it means designing stylish, creative living environments that also consider health and wellness as part of the design and construction decisions. For example, your choice of fabrics, flooring, lighting and other elements inside your home can contribute to your health and well-being while also protecting you and your family from the unhealthy effects of some materials.

Here are just a few of the ways we work with our clients to create a healthy home:

  • Fabrics

    Test for Formaldehyde to make sure no fire retardants or other chemicals have been added.

  • Furniture Frames

    Provide a list of healthy materials, down to the glue, used in the construction of the frame.

  • Furniture Finishes

    Select healthy finishes that do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Carpet

    Select healthy options for both carpet and pads (no formaldehyde, jute backing and so on).

  • Lighting, Drapery and Shading Systems

    Help sleep patterns achieve a natural circadian rhythm by planning options for light and dark during a 24-hour period, including providing a blackout option and ensuring proper ventilation for optimal sleep.

  • Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs)

    Carefully plan where products that emit large amounts of radiation are located, including light switches, ultraviolet lighting, power lines and computers.

  • Paints

    Select products with no VOCs.

  • Plumbing Fixtures

    Select brands whose fixtures and fittings contain no lead.

  • Testing

    Use a third-party testing company if products don’t fully disclose all materials.

These decisions, which individually seem small, together can help create a healthy environment without sacrificing creativity and style.