Menlo Park Townhouse - Living Room Coffee Table and Painting

I’ve been working with ScavulloDesign for over a decade on multiple high-end residential projects. Whenever someone asks whom I’d recommend for interior design, ScavulloDesign is at the top of the list. Not only are they the nicest group to work with, they are the most professional and comprehensive. From a contractor’s point of view, they’re the best because they not only deliver great design, they deliver the information that I need to create it.

Tincher Construction

Fast Track

We know that your life can be demanding so we understand when you need to renovate or to move into a new residence under an aggressive deadline. Thanks to our exacting process and nimble team, ScavulloDesign is up to the challenge and can help you achieve your creative goals and meet your schedule. We can complete projects efficiently without sacrificing the quality and creativity of the design, construction, and furnishings. For example, one of our clients purchased a condominium in San Francisco that was closing in four weeks, and they wanted to move in two weeks later.

Here’s how we tackled that challenge:

  1. Accelerated Programming and Construction

    • Immediately defined and finalized priorities and budget
    • Clarified architectural modifications and led a walk-through with the realtor and potential contractors to review tasks
    • Reviewed bids and selected a contractor
    • Oversaw the entire project to streamline the process
  2. Design and Procurement

    • Reviewed furniture layouts with client and inventoried existing furniture to be used
    • Sourced options for in-stock and quick ship items, including rugs and lighting, that would fit the client’s design style and schedule
    • Purchased items upon approval using the client’s upfront merchandise deposit
    • Managed entire project from sourcing to ordering to order tracking, inspections and delivery
  3. Project Management

    • Met with client weekly for four weeks, including several conference calls in-between
    • Provided furniture options and contractor questions by emails, text and phone calls
    • Attended site meetings with contractor whenever necessary to answer questions and solve problems
    • Monitored construction schedule to ensure timely completion of tasks
  4. Installation

    • Arranged furniture per client specifications
    • Managed art installation
    • Purchased provisions for kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Organized accessories